Cultural references in EGS. Canon unless specifically mentioned as non-canon.

Star Trek Edit

Star Trek is mostly referenced through Susan, who is a big Star Trek fan. Indirectly a result her being such a fan of it is a reason for the institution of the uniforms in Red Alert.[1]

Unlike Susan,[2] Justin likes the new Abrams Star Trek movies.[3]

Elliot watching the whole Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG) series is a big part of his relationship with Susan.[4] That's why she appears as Deanna Troi in his dream.[5]

Star Wars Edit

The Star Wars films are referenced often, sometimes in contrast with Star Trek.[6] Grace hadn't seen any of them until Justin won the loan of a non-special edition laser disc collection (and player) from Tensaided in Duel of the Discs.[7][8] Justin seems to be a big Star Wars fan.

Magickal Gatherings Edit

Main article: Magickal Gatherings

Magickal Gatherings is obviously based on Magic the Gathering collectible card game (CCG), although it is not a direct reference: while the rules seem to be very similar (just with changed terms), Dan creates his own cards to maximize the joke potential.

Pokemon Edit

Pokemon is referenced sporadically, mostly whenever George is playing it.[9][10] Within the bounds of canon, there is also Ashley's Braixen fantasy.[11] Sketchbook features Susan as Meowstic.[12] There is also a picture of Ashley as Mareep on deviantart[13]

Grace-A-Monsters is partially based on Pokemon, but it's obviously very different game :-).

Less referenced canon games Edit

Non-canon games Edit

In NewsPaper, Grace plays multiple games directly taken from our universe but modified to maximize the joke potential of the relatively short stories. They are not canon exactly due to that (in the sense of adhering to the established game universes): if Dan wants to portray something that's in the games' canon accurately, he may need to make some modification to the way he has portrayed that game in the past to make the gameplay fit better with the real games. However, this may make the gameplay portrayed be less suitable to the format of the comics so it would be a tradeoff he may not feel is worth it.

Black and White Edit

See Grace the Goddess.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Edit

See Gaming Webcomic.

Chrono Trigger Edit

See Gaming Webcomic.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Edit

See Gaming Webcomic.

Fallout: New Vegas Edit

See Rad Squirrel

Fallout 4 Edit

See Rad Block

Overwatch Edit

See Video Gaaaaaames

Sketchbook mentions Edit

Some sketchbook strips are requested by Patreon subscribers, and even if not they are even less frequently declared canon than NewsPaper strips. Nevertheless games referenced in sketchbooks include:

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