Charlotte's angels is the name Ellen used for her and Nanase when Charlotte mentioned that she likes knowing she has a couple of angels to call on if she suspects spooky things appearing.[1] The "angel" part is a reference to their Guardian form.[2]

Cases Edit

Their first case took up most of the Family tree story line. Rhea had invited Nanase and Ellen, due to their career as Meddling Teenagers, to a party with college students. Her sister, Diane, and her roommate, Charlotte, were also present, and those four were the only ones not affected when Charlotte's "acquaintance" from a forum, Not-Tengu, attacked the party with his magic -- channeled through the spiked punch, which they hadn't partaken of. As they searched for a place with good enough mobile connectivity to call Edward Verres for help, he then attacked them directly, whereupon Nanase used her Guardian form[3] and Ellen copied it.[4]

Their second case happened in So a Date at the Mall on the same day as Elliot's first date with Ashley. Charlotte called Nanase and Ellen due to some mysterious figure's appearances[5] and they brought Diane along as a driver and because she wanted to help solving a mystery.[6]

Trivia Edit

The name is a reference to Charlie's Angels, a group of three beautiful female private investigators with no known magic powers (nor wings), although they at least know martial arts.

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