Grace volunteers to test her idea on how to limit her brothers.

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  • Tedd's house

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Tedd"He's going to break her heart"? Sorry, but that sounds like something out of some bad comic strip soap opera that no one in their right mind would want to read.
GraceOk... Well anyway, I got an idea about how to make my brothers less threatening.
Grace cracks her back with a *cr-rack* sound.
GraceYou know that half-animal transformation ray gun thingie of yours?*
*It hasn't been in the comic at all yet, so no you didn't miss anything.
TeddYeah... Hehe. Sarah hates that thing.
GraceI was thinking that maybe if it was used on my brothers, it might mess up their ability to transform leaving them stuck in less dangerous forms of our choosing! Not a permanent solution, but it could keep people safe for a while!
TeddThat might work-- But who could we possible test that theory on?
GraceOh, as if you don't know.
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