The wikia plugins linking to articles internally requires specific size of image to work. Specifically, for "related pages", the image must be at least 200x100px and for the categories it should be at least 130x115px. It also needs to be used 10 times or less on whole wikia. And it must not be svg.

To avoid the plugins to pick random images from middle of page, it will be ideal if the image we actually WANT to use will be used in the character box.

In addition to the size requirements, that image should be

  • recognizable - meaning, it really looks like the character depicted
  • in primary form - unless the article is about that specific form
  • from reasonable angle - not necessary directly from front, often slight tilt make character more recognizable, but not from behind or something
  • not containing something which would obscure the character
  • the character shouldn't have face with expression which makes you second-guess it's them
  • in color
  • in relatively normal clothes, meaning not in costume
  • canon

Of course, sometimes it's not possible to fulfil all requirements - especially the color may be impossible to find sometimes. For some characters, using sketchbook images in simple costumes (like the soccer shirts) will be better than giving up color. Of course the character must NOT be transformed, but the "before" images from transformation sequence are acceptable.

Resizing images is bad idea as it makes them look very bad. However, it is acceptable if the image have unnecessary white space just to fill the size limit. White space can also be used to help avoid the plugins cutting their thumbnail in ugly way.

Note: When replacing image, especially when switching small color image for bigger grayscale, you should put previous image in gallery on bottom of page. Most characters already have one.

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