Notes about cars included in comics.

Elliot's and Ellen's car Edit

First seen in EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-02-16 ("Heeheeheehee!!!") might be the car most featured in the comic. It's a dark color. Elliot used it to drive Sarah to ASMA Dojo,[1] although she apparently returned by foot.[2]

It's used again when Tedd drives a FV5'd Elliot to PTTAOLUTASF[3] and Ellen drives it back,[4] forcing Elliot and Tedd to hitchhike.

Also, Elliot drives Sarah, Tedd and Grace to the infamous Dragonliver movie using it.[5]

Sarah failed to drive it when Hedge kidnaps Elliot,[6] possibly because she lacked the keys (Elliot and Ellen had them at that point). They use it in the rescue mission.[7]

Ellen and Elliot apparently use it to arrive at Grace's birthday party.[8]

Edward Verres' car Edit

Edward Verres apparently owns a car first shown in EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-01-02 ("Why Don't Narrations In The Comic Ever End Well?").

Justin's car Edit

First seen in EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-06-10 ("I Refuse To Change The Camera Angles In The Last Two Panels"), although it's mentioned in EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-06-06 ("Tears Of A Fairy"). It is light-colored and Justin drives Nanase and Ellen to the Video Rental Store and later with Susan to her home.

Later, Justin drives Susan, Ellen and Nanase using it when Hedge kidnaps Elliot.[6]

Justin uses it to get Susan, Nanase and Ellen from Grace's birthday party,[8] although Susan arrived with Sarah earlier.

Susan's car Edit

Note: Given that it's not directly called Susan's car and noting that there are several instances where she rides in someone's else car, it may be the shared Pompoms family car instead of Susan's personal car.

Regardless of ownership, Susan drives it alone,[9] and takes Grace and Sarah to the cave in Hammerchlorians.[10] She likely drives Sarah home in it at least from the feminist club meetings.[11]

Moperville North School bus Edit

Doesn't exactly count as a car, but is important regarding main characters' transportation: Moperville North offers bus service to the area Tedd's house is in, although Moperville South doesn't.[12]

Tedd seems to be taking the bus often.[13][14] Elliot must be taking the bus since Ellen takes the car for her and Grace.[12] (From context, it's possible Elliot was taking Tedd to school before.)

Diane's car Edit

Diane used her car to drive Ellen and Nanase to Charlotte's apartment during So A Date At The Mall.[15]

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