Bloodgrems can be vicious when provoked.

The Bloodgrem is a summoned creature. It is a "tracker summon" optimized for killing the target, and as such will ignore previous orders to the contrary if provoked.[1] It is capable of intelligent thought, though it communicates only through growls and hisses.[2] It resembles a monkey in shape, and has multiple red eyes, like a spider. It has the ability to view a person's aura through its 'aura vision'.

It was first seen to be used by Abraham, the wizard who made Dewitchery Diamond, as an aid to tracking down Ellen. It mistakenly followed the aura of Elliot and attacked him (despite being ordered not to get into any fights) after Elliot, spooked by it, accidentally threw it while it was in a cardboard box. After running through the school and lunging at Tony, Elliot defeated it in combat, unsummoning it. Abraham resummoned it later in order to retrieve the information it had gained, then dismissed it; it has not been seen since.[2]


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