Blank Check for Weirdness is the third story arc in EGS:NP. It opened on March 30th, 2004, and closed on April 10th, 2004, for a total of 6 comics. It takes place in the AF04 universe.

Summary Edit

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The arc started by announcing that EGS:NP would be making some changes in order to anger fans. Tedd would become a nearsighted Tess, Susan would go by her first name, have blonde hair and be cheerful, Sarah would be goth, and Elliot would be the exactly same even though he denied it saying he was wearing a different shirt.

The story started with Sarah and Tess talking about Tess' glasses; Sarah was worried that Tess' glasses would invoke a 'Scooby Doo' vibe and they would have to solve mysteries. Right after, Elliot ran in and said pirate ghosts were counterfeiting money in the library and Sarah was not pleased as it confirmed her theory.

In the library, Tiffany was reading a book when a pirate ghost tried to scare her with his scurvy. Susan gleefully handed him some orange juice and told him the vitamin C would cure the scurvy then skipped away. Sarah was reading how to get rid of the ghosts, while Elliot wanted to fight them and Tess snuggled with him. Tiffany appeared and told them that she already solved the problem. Elliot was mad because he couldn't impress Tess now. Tiffany suggested a candlelit dinner and a white button shirt with some chest showing.

They arc finished with Dan telling everyone not to worry because the new characters were only an April Fools' Day joke and would not be appearing again. However, Minion appeared and told him that the bunnies liked the alternates, especially Dark Sarah and Tiffany. Dan tried to get rid of them anyway, but Tess snuck in and hugged him until he relented much to the pleasure of Tiffany and Dark Sarah.