Assorted 2015 03 is the twenty first story arc in the EGS:NP. It started with EGS:NP Comic for 2015-07-06 and ended with EGS:NP Comic for 2015-09-18. Similarly to Assorted 2015 01 it's a bunch of stand alone comics, but also shorter subarcs. The canon status is not mentioned and may vary.

It starts with one strip about Greg getting shorter.

Then follows subarc with 5 strips about Writer's Block rescuing president. And, somehow, princess.

One strip with Larry and Rich discussing pinups (or one pinup. With Grace and Cheerleadra. Surprisingly, it's Rich who doesn't like that one ...

One with Susan searching for logical reasons for her hair.

Three strips about Susan and Elliot discussing movies.

One with Susan and Elliot discussing opinions and another where Susan reexplains it.

Catalina and Ronin "discussing" movies.

Grace and Sarah ... well ... PROBABLY Sarah, discussing Sierra games.

One strip with Dan and Minion discussing the Minions movie.

Four strips Dan talking about his squirrel avatar.

One with Noah and Melissa discussing how they shouldn't appear in So A Date story lines.

Dan talking about movies and spoilers.

One strip with Dan talking about tea.

Two strips with Dan's tea being some sexuality enhancer.

One strip about Susan drinking and not changing at all.

Four with Dan playing with some remote, featuring Diane and Rhoda, then Susan and Catalina.

Three with people writing to Nintendo about Super Mario Maker: Tedd, Grace, Susan.

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