Agent Cranium is an agent who works for a government agency, probably the paranormal division of FBI, together with Agent Wolf and Edward Verres. She appears to be more level-headed than Agent Wolf.

History Edit

Magus arrival investigation Edit

In Hidden Genesis, she (along with Wolf) was investigating the event likely caused by Magus arrival and Pandora's appearance,[1] but was later removed because they didn't have anything to go on.[2]

Abraham incident Edit

In Sister II, she (along with Wolf) arrived shortly after Nanase in her Guardian form defeated Abraham.[3] They then took Nanase to a hospital, where she explained to her and Ellen about of burning out[4] and the need for secrecy ... including not telling Nanase's mother because Nanase's mother didn't want Nanase to know how much she knows (not only about the existence of magic, but specifically about Nanase having magic, about DGB and likely even more).[5]

The Taurcanis Draconian incident Edit

When the Taurcanis Draco appeared over the city in New and Old Flames, she tried to get approval from Arthur J. Arthur to take action.[6] It was denied.

The Not-Tengu incident Edit

In Family Tree, based on Diane's call, she arrived (along with Wolf, who she was at a party with) shortly after Edward Verres.[7] She identified Not-Tengu, verified that the party hosts are transformed back[8] and turned Ellen's hair back to brown (although different shade).[9]

Relationships Edit

Agent Wolf Edit

Cranium seems to be completely unable to hide that she and Wolf are dating.[3][10]

Edward Verres Edit

Cranium has a greater loyalty to Mr. Verres than Arthur J. Arthur, choosing to call Mr. Verres to tell him that Arthur was about to appear on TV[11] and yelling at Arthur for not sending agents to fight the Taurcanis Draco.[6]

Abilities Edit

Cranium has a magic ability or abilities allowing her to observe places without being in them.[8]

She also used magic to almost-fix Ellen's hair,[8] but it is not certain if she used her own magic or a wand for it.

Quotes Edit

"Please don't become the next Roswell please don't become the next Roswell please..."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-01-06

Possible reference Edit

While advising Sarah through a dream about her newly acquired first spell, Pandora Raven mentions "the last person" Edward Verres discovered with that power was "strong-armed into government work ... top secret spooky stuff."[12] As Sarah's first spell also allows her to observe places without being physically present, it seems highly likely that Pandora's remarks refer to Cranium. (But note that this was not canonically confirmed)

Trivia Edit

The name "Cranium" is a play on Agent Scully from X-Files.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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