The Anime Style Martial Arts Dojo was founded by Sensei Greg after he got dumped by his girlfriend, watched 168 straight hours of anime, and unlocked the secret of ki.[1] For some reason known only to him, Greg built his dojo in a neighborhood with a strip club, a cigarette store, an adult bookshop, an abortion clinic, and an ice cream place.[2] ASMA is a proven method of gaining magical abilities, which explains HOW such methods can have so extraordinary results. As for WHY, this may be related to magic's flair for drama.

Sensei Greg decided to close down the dojo since the danger of giving people magical powers was too great and the only students left were Justin, Nanase, and Elliot.[3] The dojo was the scene of the battle between Sensei Greg and Grace on one side and the summons of Dex on the other - apparently, it happened just when Greg was moving out.[4] Immediately before the battle, the Taurcanis Draco crashed up through the roof and created a hole in it.[5][6]

Former StudentsEdit

Note: Greg also teaches Grace,[7] but that's private lessons.[8]

Alternatives Edit

There are two other places shown in comics used for martial arts training: one is the place where Greg gives Grace private lessons,[7] which is probably the new dojo he was employed by (although we don't have it confirmed).

Other is Dunkels family basement. Ellen is shown to train there, both alone[9] and with Grace.[10] While not shown, we can assume Elliot trains there as well, especially if he don't train at Greg's new dojo.


Because of his and his students' abilities, Sensei Greg bought punching bags in bulk.[11]

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