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"All your yarn are belong to us."*

AGE: unknown - WEIGHT: 30 Lbs - LENGTH: Around 3 feet (he's hard to measure)

CREATOR: Unknown. He was brought home one day by Tedd's father, and has been kept as a pet ever since.

BEHAVIOR: Jeremy looks and acts very much like a common household cat, but the spines on his back are like hedgehogs. Petting Jeremy is not a problem so long as he's relaxed and you're petting him from head to tail. Petting from tail to head would be quite a prickly experience. When Jeremy is frightened/angry/etc., his spines stand erect and can do some serious damage. It seems that in this state of potential aggression the spines actually get harder and become more like spikes than spines. Jeremy enjoys playing with yarn and seems to consider Grace to be a sort of motherly figure when Grace is in "were-Jeremy" form.

INTELLIGENCE: How intelligent Jeremy actually is has yet to be determined. It would be safe to assume he is of fairly high intelligence for an animal as not only is he capable of opening doors somehow, he can also unlock them at times so long as a key is not needed.

STRENGTH: Measuring kitty strength is somewhat difficult, but there have been a couple of times when Tedd has been late feeding him that he has "opened" cans of cat food by crushing them with his jaws.

SPEED: Jeremy seems to move as fast as you'd expect a cat to.

HEARING: Could probably hear a can being opened from another time zone (but that's a power all kitties have).

SMELL: Generally smells good, but every once in a while Jeremy can be a bit stinky. ...Ok, his sense of smell is standard.


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